Brenda L. Burns
Brenda L. Burns
Pastor. Musician. Survivor with a Sword.

“survivor with a sword”


Survivor. If that word caught your attention, chances are you’re a survivor, too. My story includes abandonment, deceit, secrecy and shame, love, redemption, freedom and peace. Our circumstances are diverse, but I bet we have a lot in common. The tagline survivor with a sword means I am a fighter - which isn’t always great for those closest to me! But it also means that I’ve found the most effective way to fight is with The Sword of The Spirit, the Word of God. My writing wrestles with how to integrate the true things about God into the messy questions and uncertainties of our lives. Some basic sword-handling techniques may be sprinkled in, too.


My life expression has always included music, and some of my compositions are offered on this site.


I am a pastor, and I love serving Jesus by leading the congregation of Vienna Assembly of God. We are in the greater Washington DC area. Come say hello if you’re in the area.



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Vienna Assembly of God

100 Ayr Hill Avenue NE
Vienna, VA 22180



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